David Burke’s Primehouse

lollipop tree!


the lowdown:

    • ★★★★1/2 i’d run back here if money grew on trees. lollipop trees.
    • $$$$ (~$200-300/couple)
    • dressy/casual
    • good for groups, date night
    • wine and bar
    • go for dinner, but serves brunch & lunch
    • neighborhood: streeterville/river north
    • parking would be tough – valet // red line
    • reservations needed (not too far in advance)

this is my first review, so forgive me.

i rely heavily on yelp to make many dining decisions and decided it was time to give back to the community.

to sum this one up, the word is DELIGHTFUL.

it’s tucked away in the james hotel, and rarely mentioned in the “chicago steakhouses” category amongst Gibsons & Joes. we are on a mission to do the top 10 steakhouses in chicago, and this one holds #1 for us so far.

food: i’m a steak girl. i’m from texas. and this is good stuff.

my man & i had the 40 and 55 day bone in ribeyes (they were out of 75 day!! WOMP. make sure to call ahead if this is what you want to do, and they can try to put one aside from you. an insider tip i wish i had known.) they sliced it at the table for us, cooked it perfectly, and now, i dream of those steaks…and my mouth is watering thinking about them. and it’s 945 am.

we checked in on foursquare and got a free appetizer (shrimp & lobster dumplings..meh), and also ordered the kobe beef sashimi. DO IT.
there’s also amazing little cheese puffy bread things they give you to start with. warm goodness.
we did a nice little cab sauv with our meal, the garlicky greens (yum) and mac and cheese (meh) on the side and had some coconut/blood orange dessert to finish it off.

service: the other half of the reason i write this review. the server, brian, was phenomenal and gave good vibrations, recommendations, and was frank with what he liked and didn’t like on the menu. andy, the manager, gave us a tour of the dry aging room downstairs. an impressive wall of himalayan rock salt ages the meat and you can see the process which is pretty cool. they’re passionate about their steaks and the restaurant, and that makes a world of difference.

kobe beef sashimi with truffle butter

kobe beef sashimi with truffle butter

we opentable’d some sunday night reservations, and will make sure to come on another night now – as the butcher isn’t in on sundays, and you likely won’t get your 75 day ribeye :/

it’s a romantic, upscale and trendy little gem. they recently started a new lunch menu and serve brunch as well. the menu is inventive, with traditional steakhouse sides but exciting creations as well. the ambiance is nice, there’s groups of business people, dates, and people celebrating. don’t come here if you don’t eat steaks – but if you do, make sure this is the next one you try.

in chicago, i always ask myself if i’d go back or try another restaurant – and i’m definitely coming back here.

david burke website. | yelp. | google maps

616 N Rush St
(between Ohio St & Ontario St)
Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 660-6000



  1. connie child

    i like your meh commentary :-/

  2. connie child

    i wish i could literally “like” your money growing on lollipop trees.

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