st pattys day green eggs

i wanted to make breakfast since i was waking my friends up at 730 am. woof.

green eggs are always a go-to st patty’s morn, but i really hate food dye. so i decided to go with pesto this time, and they were a hit!

scrambled eggs with pesto and jalapeno sausage

trader joe's pesto is a good alternative if you don't have time to make your own!

prep time: 10-15 minutes.

what you need:

  • eggs (depends on how many you’re cooking for, usually 2-3 a person)
  • pesto
  • butter
  • 2% or whole milk
  • sausage (i used the leftover chicken jalapeno sausage from my stuffed peppers!)
  • olive oil

get it done:

  • heat up a pan and start melting a little butter on it
  • whisk together eggs, a bit of milk
  • pour egg/milk mixture into pan – best on med-low heat
  • start stirring this as it heats every once in awhile until you come to the consistency you like your eggs
  • add the pesto in after about 3 minutes (i just used a spoonful for every 4-5 eggs…also depends on how much pesto and how green you want them!)

  • in a separate pan, heat up with a bit of olive oil
  • chop up the sausage into small bites
  • cook sausage til browned (probably 5 minutes, depending on how small you cut them up)

  • NOMS!


One comment

  1. connie child

    omg i love pesto!

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