st pattys day jello shots

…or just jello shots in general.

hope y’all had a fabulous weekend, and hope it was even half as good as mine! stay tuned for a ton of bar/restaurant reviews and a few other recipes.

my best good friends from home came in town this weekend, and we managed to nonstop drink and eat. here comes visitor season!

chicago river dyed green for st patricks day

wikihow has a neat little how-to guide. but here, i tried to slim it down and make it simple.

jello shotz

prep time: 5-10 minutes.

all the things

what you need (this makes above tray, so update accordingly)

  • jello (one box=one tray, so varying on party size. i used 1.5 boxes) we used lime to make it greeeeeen
  • boiling water (3 cups)
  • chilled water (1/2 cup)
  • a pitcher
  • little mini cups
  • vodka (2.5 cups) we used citron svedka to make them lemon-lime shots

get it done:

  • boil some water
  • combine jello powder and boiling water in a pitcher, stir it up little darling
  • then add chilled water, vodka – throw some ice in there if the alcohol wasn’t chilled
  • pour into little mini cups
  • put in fridge over night
  • party on.



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