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the lowdown:

    • ★★★★ i’m coming back
    • $$ (~$25 for a stuffed pizza)
    • casual
    • good for groups
    • go for dinner
    • neighborhood: multiple locations (we usually go to the one in the loop – good to stop in after sight seeing, close to my office, etc.)
    • tip: order your pizza before when you put your name in!

all of my guests request to try chicago deep dish pizza. (and to see the bean, or peanut, or cloud thing, as they say.) you can also purchase these pies frozen to take with you when you visit friends/family too!

you should put your name in, pre order a pizza, and grab a pitcher in the bar area while you wait. they take quite awhile to cook up. shortly after you get seated you can order a salad and another round and voila! your pizza arrives.

the others (gino’s east, lou malnati’s…) are great, but the convenience of all these locations make it easy to just pop in on a whim while out and’s all about expectation – if you’re with the company of your friends who just want to try out a chicago pizza pie, relax…service isn’t going to be stellar and you’re going to have to wait. probably at any similar place, not just giordanos.

good service, good vibes, just a good pizza place in general. make sure you head home soon after bc you’ll be carrying leftovers.

giordano’s | yelp. | google maps

135 E Lake St
(between Beaubien Ct & Clark St)
Chicago, IL 60601

(312) 616-1200

12 other chicago locations.


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