M Burger

Secret Menu.

the lowdown:

    • ★★★★ i’m coming back
    • $ (<$10)
    • casual
    • go for lunch, sit on the patio
    • neighborhood: streeterville
    • seat yourself, no waiter service

img from yelp

we stopped by here st pattys day afternoon, stumbling in after viewing the river. not my first time, not my last time.

reminiscent of in n out, five guys, and mayyyyybe a shake shack (gasp!). cheap, fast, easy menus, tasty burgers. and if you can’t tell by now, i like my burgers.

it’s small. there are benches outside to people watch (though it’s mostly people from northwestern med..patients, students, docs, and the like) but it’s just a quick, delightful, and easy meal. not too big and the fries are delicious.

img from yelp

secrets but not-so-secret are:

  • the hurt burger – comes with spicy bbq sauce and pepperjack. with hurt levels: first degree, second degree has sliced jalapeños, third is extra saucy with green chiles.
  • dr betty – which is the nurse betty on the menu (tomato, avocado, pepperjack) with a beef patty.
  • grilled cheese (but really, who wants that over a burger.)
  • secret milkshake flavors!

you’re welcome.

161 E Huron St
(between Michigan Ave & St Clair St)
Chicago, IL 60611

3 other locations

(312) 254-8500


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