Tank Noodle


(reena is one of my best friends. we’re crossing our fingers that she moves here for law school! weeee)

reena & van

pho tai (beef noodle soup)

the lowdown:

    • ★★★★★ Van’s go-to for vietnamese food.
    • $ (~$10-15/dish)
    • casual
    • good for groups
    • BYOB
    • neighborhood: uptown, “little vietnam”
    • street parking // red line – argyle, broadway bus
    • expect to wait at any time of any day, usually not too long though


When it comes to food, any food really, I trust Van. She says go here, so we went here.

It was YUM. Started with a nice half-full bottle of vino we had brought along, which complemented the amazing spring rolls (the cold kind) and egg rolls that Van had secretly ordered and placed in front of me. “Just eat it” she says, so I do. Good call. More wine?

We had gone on a ridiculous food and drink tour immediately before this, so the fact that I could eat anything at all speaks volumes. By the time the pho came out, I was in that sweet spot where you can barely move but all you wanna do is eat what’s in front of you. I got the generic regular perfect pho, who knows what leslie got (she doesn’t remember I’m sure), and van got an extra large. None of us finished, but not for lack of trying.

banh canh (rice stick noodle soup)

spring rolls & pho things (img from yelp)

mi hoanh thanh (egg noodle soup with wontons)

Tip: add enough sriracha to make the liquid bright red. you won’t regret it (unless maybe you don’t have asian taste buds).

Oh. And did I mention the people watching? We shared a table with some rando group that was kind of annoying, but right in front of us was this gem:

leslie is so sneaky. also, asians should not have blonde wigs.

If I move here I’m coming back. BYE!

tank noodle | yelp. | google maps

4953 N Broadway
(between Argyle St & Ainslie St)
Chicago, IL 60640

(773) 878-2253


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