2 Sparrows


the lowdown:

    • ★★  no thanks
    • $ (~$10-15 plate)
    • casual
    • small – twos or fours
    • bar/cocktail menu
    • go for brunch
    • neighborhood: lincoln park
    • street parking // clark/broadway buses
    • put your name/number in for the wait and walk around

this is my first unhappy review. and i feel like a crotchety old man writing this. so come on chicago, let’s not let this happen again.

i was/am so, so disappointed! a lot of neighbors and coworkers had recommended this place, and after two-three valiant attempts to wait, we finally made it this past weekend.

i was so excited (hence the billions of pictures) and we had four of us so we tried both doughnuts and two poptarts to start. not too bad, and off to a decent start. my only gripe is that the poptarts were more pastry than filling. but i liked the creativity!

raspberry & nutella // foie gras poptarts

maple bacon // tiramisu doughnuts

between the four of us, we had the benedict, the pork belly sandwich, shrimp & grits, and the grilled cheese. apparently the quiche is where it’s at because they could not make these dishes well. everything sounded so good, presentation was great – but flavors were lacking and most were bland.

eggs benedict with diced (???) pancetta and two house hollandaise (don't even bother with the green one)

pork belly sandwich

grilled cheese and the tater tots

shrimp & grits - the best thing about this was the greens.

the vibe is great, and the staff is sweet. i was just hoping much more out of this new neighborhood hot spot.

oh yes, and the coffee batch we had was burnt too. le sigh 😦

2 sparrowsyelp. | google maps

553 W Diversey Pkwy
Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 234-2320


One comment

  1. connie child

    omg i love pork belly! ESPECIALLY with an egg on it! even that one was bad too? 😦 lameballz.

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