Mollys Cupcakes

cupcakes galore.

clockwise from top left: ron bennington, peanut butter nutella, coconut, red velvet with cream cheese

the lowdown:

    • ★★★★ always yummy and fun
    • $ (~$4/cupcake)
    • casual
    • go for dessert
    • neighborhood: lincoln park
    • street parking // clark/broadway buses

friendly staff, board games…and the ron bennington cupcake. doesn’t get better than this!

i come to mollys for many things (especially since it’s on my walk home):
1. guests want to try it
2. gifts!
3. dessert
4. bad day
5. good day
6. games
7. swings.
8. belly

my friend allison suffers from jengxiety.

the list goes on but it’s getting ridiculous.
now i’m not a sweets girl, but their cupcakes are perfect for me, not over bearing and in such great flavors! now go, get a reason and grab a little cake of goodness.

molly’s cupcakes | yelp. | google maps

2536 N Clark St
(between Deming Pl & Wrightwood Ave)
Chicago, IL 60614

(773) 883-7220


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