Duck N Roll Food Truck

i love food trucks.

being from austin, we have a lot – and the culture there is very different. but chicago’s trying!!

i had the chance to meet amy, who owns the Duck N Roll truck here in chicago. banh mi? duck? YES PLEASE!! i couldn’t wait – they park outside my office every thursday.

the lowdown:

    • ★★★★ can’t wait to try more things
    • $ (~$5-10/person)
    • check site or twitter for location

i skipped my way up to the bright green truck after staring at the website all morning unable to decide what i wanted. DECISIONS?!

banh mi? GUMBO? i die.

thankfully, amy chose for me. and threw in some samples!

banh mi!

the banh mi was good! lots of meat and i liked her twist on the sandwich. food isn’t cooked on the trucks here, but it wasn’t too bad not toasted and made ready to order.

gumbo was amazing – it was a chilly day, and the duck and sausage complemented each other well. there was a good amount of heat – i didn’t have to add hot sauce! good pick if she has this on the menu as a special.

oh yes the desserts – go for it. just do it. these donuts were so good; the azuki was a surprising touch, such a comfort taste for my little asian taste buds.i was reluctant to share…but was so full from the gumbo AND sandwich!

 make sure to get out there when the truck parks so your pick isn’t sold out! 

duck n rollyelp.

3506 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60657




One comment

  1. Mmmmmm, looks absolutely divine. Would love to try the red bean doughnut.

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