Half Shell

seafood and beer.

img from yelp

the lowdown:

    • ★★★★ i won’t say no.
    • $$ (~$25/beer and plate)
    • casual
    • good for small groups, couples
    • go for lunch or dinner
    • neighborhood: lincoln park
    • brown line diversey/clark or broadway buses
i grew up on the gulf coast and i’m not gonna, lie i ate seafood as a young’n and can peel back shrimp and crawfish like nobody’s business. so i was delighted to discover half shell here in chicago!!

oysters, shrimp

oh yeah, and it’s a dive bar. what? perfection? yes. reminded me of all the hole-in-the-wall spots back in texas where you can eat crawfish and drink shiner for days.

so head to the ATM first and be ready to get your hands dirty. they have everything to kick your seafood craving – crab legs, jumbo shrimp, oysters, crab cakes… order a pitcher to wash it all down. grab a spot on the patio if it’s open. oh, and maybe call me to join. thanks.


half shell | yelp. | google maps

2536 N Clark St
(between Deming Pl & Wrightwood Ave)
Chicago, IL 60614

(773) 883-7220


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