Doritos Locos Tacos


(brandon was a dear good friend of mine while i lived in the twin cities. we share a love of chipotle and all things unhealthy.)


I had just come out of a meeting at Walmart headquarters with good friend and colleague Andy. Since our female managers had driven separately and we were on our own for lunch, I saw this as the perfect opportunity for a taco bell lunch. Andy excitedly agreed, even though he said he had already eaten taco bell the night before.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Doritos locos tacos since I’m not sure if I’ve eaten a regular hard shell taco from T-Bell in at least 20 years. I ordered 2 of them to start out, but just the regular ones (there is a supreme option with tomatoes and sour cream – two of the most heinous ingredients to go on anything).

After receiving my order, the first thing I noticed was the cool Doritos “sleeves” the hard shell tacos come in, so as to prevent the bottom from falling out when you take a bite. My first bite revealed a familiar salty goodness – both from the Dorito shell and TB ground beef. I noticed that the taco even imparted the classic “cheesy fingers” that the Doritos chips do, though not nearly as much. I ended up finishing both my tacos very quickly and went back for a 3rd. The only downside is that these are not extremely filling, and with a price of $1.69, their value isn’t the best bang for your hunger buck on the menu.

Overall – really liked them – have gone back for more locos on another occasion. It will not come close to supplanting a double meat burrito from Chipotle, but it definitely has its time and place. Word on the street is that Taco Bell is testing the Doritos “Cooler Ranch” flavored shell in Ohio and is set to release broadly in the fall. I’ll be looking forward to giving that a try.


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