the lowdown:

    • ★★★ hmph.
    • $$ (~$25-30/couple)
    • casual
    • small – twos or fours
    • go for dinner
    • neighborhood: streeterville
    • valet // red line grand

ambiance is romantic, small..dim, old school ambiance.during busy times, they really squeeze people in here. they’re doing some construction so curious as to the expansion/whats happening there.service is great!

i’ve always found italian restaurants to have fantastic service and people to be passionate about the food and volare is no different.

the food is meh. i had the risotto volare (squid ink seafood risotto) which was amazing! flavors were wonderful and it was cooked perfectly. but matthew had a tortellini sausage dish and it was quite the opposite – bland, overcooked. so conflicting, since it’s quite a staple and easy to cook dish, i was surprised.

img from foodspotting

the price isn’t too bad, and everything else was great! but for a restaurant to get something simple wrong always rubs me the wrong way and disappointed me. if you do go, go for the risotto, since it’s what they can get right.

i want to like it! but there’s too many other italian spots in the city to try…so if you go and have had better, let me know! maybe it’ll convince me to try again.

volareyelp. | google maps

201 E Grand Ave
(at St Clair St)
Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 410-9900


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