Barn & Co.

sweet tea lemonade in a mason far so good.


the lowdown:

    • ★★★ i would go back…but let’s not.
    • $$ ($25 combo platter for 2, drinks ~$7)
    • casual
    • good for groups
    • neighborhood: lincoln park

let’s get this straight – if you’re looking for a few beers and some game-watching and drunk eating – this is the place to go. it is what it is.

i love the decor/ambiance…(reminder: texan) – country music, mason jars, spacious, patio. i can dig this.

service has ample room to be better…they aren’t rude or dismissive, but not necessarily helpful or nice. it’s a bunch of young kids that are just doing their job. and that’s okay, i didn’t expect Chicago Q service. but there goes a star.

pulled pork combo with sausage, brisket

onto food. i was just raving about the salt lick to matthew, so this is probably not fair. regardless, we ordered a combo platter to share – the pulled pork one (honestly if i want ribs i’m going to go to twin anchors in chicago). a couple beers served in mason jars, some fries, and mac & cheese. their bbq sauces weren’t too shabby, i liked the spicy 7 pepper one. after tasting the meats, i saw why they have so many sauces on the table. no flavor. they cooked everything right; my brisket was falling apart, the pork was moist…but everything was extremely bland. WOMP. fries are skinny but salty…apparently they have sweet potato ones but they were out last night. and mac and cheese was good! but most places can’t mess that up.

mac & cheese

and it was storming outside. so we were stuck here longer than i wanted to be, and matt was tired of me crooning country songs to him.

overall, it’s a solid 3 stars for me. i’d go back if people wanted. pricing helps – it’s cheap…i definitely would not pay more for this “barbecue”.

barn & company | yelp. | google maps

950 W Wrightwood Ave
(between Lincoln Ave & Sheffield Ave)
Chicago, IL 60614

(773) 832-4000


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