Sun Wah BBQ

well didn’t i eat healthy this weekend!

i FINALLY got to cross this one off my chicago eating bucket list. and now i’m so mad at myself for not going THE DAY I MOVED HERE. read below for how my first trip to sun wah went down.

the lowdown:

  • who: you and all your friends that like duck and asian food.
  • what: get the duck feast. it’s off-menu and call ahead. just do it. don’t expect a fancy restaurant or stellar service or a 5-star place, just go for the food.
  • when: for dinner, since it’s a large meal
    • Sun-Wed: 9am-9pm; Closed Thursdays; Fri & Sat: 9am-10pm
  • where: 5041 N Broadway, Uptown
  • why: because everything is so delicious, especially because this is simply a random chinese joint.

i get excited – childlike excited – when i’m about to try a new restaurant or kick a craving. so i skipped my way to this restaurant with my best foodie friend, eric.

yelp told me to do the duck dinner, so we did. it feeds about 4, but we said what the hell, we’re asian and we eat a lot…let’s do it. i skipped my way through this spacious, warehouse-y type space. huge groups of people (we were probably the only twosome), many many birthday groups.

sat down and drank our hot tea – didn’t open the menu, though it’s double sided!! – and ordered our duck.

we waited. sang happy birthday to about 3 different people.

then, a cart of deliciousness wheeled up to us. a quiet little lady didn’t say a word and just began slicing our little ducky.

yes, all employees wear these nametags.

lots of mouth watering and asian-tourist style photography happening here.

the little buns, sauce, and toppings came. and all was right in the world. duck was crispy, cooked perfectly.

one of my fav things ever.

THEN came duck fried rice and duck soup? YES.

the fried rice was fried rice. the soup was good – after sriracha obviously. but of course the star is the duck carved in front of you.

my thoughts after: when can we go back? i’d probably bring one or two more people to share this delightful duck with. so maybe we can order some sides and try some of their other things too… again, we eat a lot of duck. :/

you don’t want to challenge us.

sun wah bbq | yelp. | google maps

5041 N Broadway
(between Winnemac Ave & Carmen Ave)
Chicago, IL 60640

(773) 769-1254


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  1. Going here next time I’m in town. K thanks.

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