Dunlay’s on Clark

this place used to be solid! and the last few visits have been disappointing, in the least.

the lowdown:

    • ★★ it’s gonna take some convincing to come back.
    • $$ (~$10-15/person)
    • casual
    • good for groups
    • nice patio
    • neighborhood: lincoln park

oh dunlays, how you play with my heart.

sometimes you’re fabulous! sometimes you’re the worst.

let’s see – the good:

  • your specials. $5 burgers on wednesdays are pretty tasty. weekend brunches are delightful, and i love the benedicts.

eggs florentine

  • your location. it’s right around the corner…so…easy…
  • your patio. i love it. sangria + outdoor patio + people watching. and i can bring my dog.

banana bread french toast

the not-so-good:

  • your hostesses. sometimes they are just too rude, which makes me not want to wait to eat there.
  • consistency. now i’m usually not a food-sender-backer, and i have here. twice. in one visit. first, a burger was served undercooked and cold. second, was that same burger was flopped back onto a new sloppy bun with the bite taken out of it… unfortunate, because i felt that that incident lost my trust, dunlays.

the burger in question.
but the sweet potato fries were good.

  • you’re salty. everything is just so salty?! i thought it was a midwest thing, but enough. if i didn’t down water, i’d swell up and my rings would be hard to take off and i would misspell texts if it weren’t for autocorrect on my phone.

overall, i’m worried about our relationship – it’s just one of convenience, really.

dunlays | yelp. | google maps

2600 N Clark St
(at Wrightwood Ave)
Chicago, IL 60614

(773) 883-6000

3137 W Logan Blvd
Chicago, IL 60647

(773) 227-2400



  1. Derek

    Dunlay’s is like a girlfriend that became a side chick.

  2. connie child

    where are me and vinh’s eggs bacon and toast :-/

    also, not to kick dunlays while theyre down, but didn’t matt dad’s burger have mustard and he specifically asked for no mustard? correct me if im wrong

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