tips & tricks tuesday

so if you’re trying out some of these recipes (and i know some of you are) – here are some things that help me in the kitchen.

i’ll continue to start posting some helpful things on tuesdays, and if you have any – send them over!

  • making dinner for one or two? just grab your ingredients from the salad bar instead of buying that whole head of lettuce and letting it go bad. plus, it takes the prep work out of the way 🙂
  • for creamy dressings made healthy, substitute mayo or cream with greek yogurt.
  • i love garlic. here’s a quick way to do it without a knife!

how to peel an entire head of garlic in 10 seconds:



  1. connie child

    ahh van i absolutely love this! what a great idea for the cooking challenged

  2. love the dog-chef!!

    i saw the 10 second garlic video several months ago just as i was about to can a few braids of garlic ~ life saver!

  3. additional tip: the garlic peel trick? it doesn’t work with bananas. such a mess…

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