tips & tricks tuesday

so if you’re trying out some of these recipes (and i know some of you are) – here are some things that help me in the kitchen.

i’ll continue to post some helpful things on tuesdays, and if you have any – send them over!

  • broken chips? leftover bread? crush and use them for breading your next chicken or fish dish – mix with some panko and you’re good to go!
  • use ice cube trays to save ingredients you may have too much of – crushed garlic, cilantro, with a bit of olive oil – and freeze, they’ll be perfect to just pop in the pan for your next meal.
  • a tip from giada: after you drain pasta, while it’s still hot, grate some fresh parmesan on top before tossing it with your sauce. this way, the sauce has something to stick to.

One comment

  1. Love that puppy and love the ice cube trick! I’ve never used that one – I’ll have to start!

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