pizza and beer, duh.

the lowdown:

    • ★★★★ i’m coming back
    • $$ (~$15-20 per pizza)
    • casual, loud, busy
    • good for groups
    • neighborhood: wicker park
    • tip: put your name in, prepare to wait, and taste some brewskis at the bar.

i don’t particularly like pizza, but i love piece.

fantastic local brewpub who just got it right. good music, hip crowd, ALWAYS a crowd…most of the time the staff is nice, but every once in awhile you can tell they’re pretty peeved with the crowds. be prepared to deal with all kinds of people when you walk in here!

salads are great, surprisingly. pizzas are not small.

you can build your own pizza from the sauce up – red or white, and then add all kinds of toppings; from mashed potatoes to clams, chicken to artichokes.
if you can’t deal with the pressure of making your own, i always let the waiters choose for me. be adventurous a bit! oh, and they can do half/half so you can try a few things at once.

beer is solid, i’m a fan of the cap’n kick ass ipa, but the others are pretty standard ales.

it’s a fun sports bar on a weeknight, but stay away on weekends.

my trick: $25 lg pizza and a growler sundays. we hop in, order our pizza and belly up to the bar for a pint or two. then we leave the craze and enjoy our pizza in peace. (piece?)

white pizza with clams! img from yelp

piece chicago | yelp. | google maps

1927 W North Ave
(between Winchester Ave & Elk Grove Ave)
Chicago, IL 60622

(773) 772-4422


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