tips & tricks tuesday

so if you’re trying out some of these recipes (and i know some of you are) – here are some things that help me in the kitchen.

i’ll continue to post some helpful things on tuesdays, and if you have any – send them over!

  • to make your greens last longer, loosely wrap them in a damp paper towel and place them in a ziplock bag. this should extend their lives at least two-three more days!
  • to get the most juice out of your lemons and limes, roll it hard under your palm before juicing or slicing

Do not remove the root.
To Slice Onion Cut Off Pointy Stem Then in Half

Slice off the pointy stem, then cut the onion in half through the root; peel.

Make Cuts to Onion Parallel to Board

Put each half cut-side down; make horizontal cuts parallel to the board.

Make Vertical Cuts on Onion Leaving Root Intact

Make vertical cuts, starting close to the root end; do not slice through the root.

Hold Onion Root End and Slice Across Vertcal Cuts

Holding the root end, slice across the vertical cuts; the diced onion will fall away.

  • a tip from friend/reader ann: when an egg floats in water, it has gone bad and should not be eaten.

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