NYC: Bar Americain

bobby flay.

the lowdown:

    • ★★★★ only because i love bflay.
    • $$$$ (~$30-40/entree)
    • trendy, upscale
    • good for groups
    • neighborhood: midtown/theater district
    • get a reservation

i’m going to go with a 3.5, chef flay. and i’ll round up.

we came here for a mother’s day dinner, since mama le is a huge bflay fan. we had a nice bottle of wine and a long dinner with the family. not sure if i would have enjoyed it this much if i was with different company.

high ceilings, open, warm entrance. we had a lot of seafood so strayed from the raw bar this evening. but we were sat by the open kitchen – near this monster:

monster lobster

now i am a bobby flay fan as well, but this was my first restaurant of his. and i was excited going into it – i’m a fan of american cuisine with a twist (especially a southern one).

highlights were the escargot with crawfish, cioppino, cauliflower gratin, blackberry souffle.
lots of flavor, great presentation, and of course – large portions.

escargot, crawfish + garlic sauce

spicy tuna tartar

b flay steak is good, but as a texan i’ve had better (nose in the air as i say this, ha). they are served blackened with his signature steak sauce. though pretty good, perhaps i should have gone with the waiter recommended pork dish. the stars were his side dishes and unique appetizers. but mama le says the tuna tartar starter here isn’t as good as the vegas flay restaurant, mesa.

fulton fish market cioppino with sourdough toast

ribeye with asparagus and cauliflower gratin

mussels, green chile broth

sides: fries americain, asparagus, cauliflower + goat cheese gratin

desserts: blackberry souffle (top), bourbon praline profiterole (right), mocha marscarpone eclair (bottom)

ambience is open, classy, trendy. lots of special occasions being celebrated here since it is pricey. service is typical as expected – hands off but friendly.

there’s better in new york, but if you’re a flay fan, you’ve gotta check it out.

bar americain | yelp. | google maps

152 W 52nd St
(between 7th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas)
New York, NY 10019

(212) 265-9700


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