Bottlenotes Taste Around Town Launch Party

so many things happened before i went to NY, and i’m finally having the chance to blog about! beware, you’re about to learn a lot.

i got invited to the Bottlenotes Taste Around Town Launch Party at Sub 51. wine, appetizers, mixing, and mingling? okay!

then my thoughts are as follows:

  • first things first, what is Bottlenotes? um, only the best resource for us winos! check it out and learn about some wines to try and some cool events in your city!
  • what is Taste Around Town? it’s like a restaurant week, but for WINE! great restaurants come together with new wines to taste and try and pair with their food. if you missed it this year, keep an eye out for the next one and i’ll keep you posted. it’s hosted by Bottlenotes & Cheeky Chicago.
  • and what’s Cheeky Chicago?? a resource for the ladies about all things chicago. events, parties, shopping, deals, etc.

we noshed and tasted some great wines. a lot of people mentioned checking out some great places such as maude’s liquor bar, publica, sunda, etc… tonight’s the last night, so if you are looking for a place to dine and drink, check out opentable to see if spots are still available.

anyways, check out the links and enjoy!

some fun photos from the evening (please excuse the lighting):

mini short rib tacos. perfect.

mini burgers on a mini grill

reva showing off the minis

since i was out of town, was anyone able to participate in Taste Around Town?? how was it? please comment and let us know!


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