Revolution Brewing Kedzie Brewery Launch Party

not sure if you checked out my post on revolution brewing back in april, but i fell in love. so of course, i had to support their grand opening of the kedzie brewery this past weekend.

to me, nothing says summer like beer, cookouts, and live music!

we hopped off the bus and it was clear everyone was going to the same spot. a little late to the party – and it was already jam packed. so much for the fashionably late.

our tickets got us some cool revolution coasters – which people ended up asking for, i guess a hot collector’s item! but i kept ours:

we stumbled upon a huge warehouse space – with bars all around featuring revolution brews as well as other local guest brews.

outside, there was music, and food trucks, and grills. lines galore, but at least we could drink while we waited. it was hot, but we all enjoyed the much needed heat.

the weather held out for us, don’t worry.

tickets were $15/person, and we paid $4 a beer (with tickets) when we got in. atms were broken, but thank goodness i for once had cash on hand.

tickets were sold out and you could see why. it was a great party and celebration, an awesome way to kick off memorial weekend, as well as chicago craft beer week.

the crowd was great, hip, young and old, all beer lovers. and of course all the employees were awesome – as always. just cemented that i need to go back to the brewpub again soon.

excited that this local brewery is growing; can’t wait to see their beers on tap in more places!

matt & i

megan and jamie and a pulled pork sandwich


Featured Beer Lineup: Anti-Hero IPA, Baracus Imperial Stout, Black Power Oatmeal Stout, Bottom Up Wit, Coup d’Etat Saison, Cross of Gold Ale, Dos Osos West Coast IPA, Eugene Porter, Foursome Quadruppel, Hugene Imperial Porter, Institutionalized Barleywine, Iron Fist Pale Ale, Paddy Wagon irish Stout, Poetic Justice Special Bitter, Threesome Belgian Trippel, Workingwoman Brown, B.A. Baracus, Barrel Aged Black Power Oatmeal Stout, Barrel Aged Repo Man Rye Stout, Barrel Aged Skara Brae Scottish Ale, Barrel Aged Sodom Imperial Stout (FFF Collabo), Barrel Aged The General Molasses Porter, Cherry Black Power (Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout with Cherries), Gravedigger Billy (Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee Heavy), Pablo Picasso (Cabernet Aged Dark Belgian Ale), Straight Jacket (Jack Daniels Barrel Aged Institutionalized), The Marquis (Cabernet Barrel Aged Trippel), Very Mad Cow (barrel Aged Milk Stout)

Musical Entertainment: AptekaHeavy Times, DJ Huggies Supreme, and a surprise special guest act.

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