Cafe Ba Ba Reeba Paella Cooking Demo

saturday morning i hopped into ba ba reeba for a paella cooking demo. i love paella and i love this restaurant, so i decided to try one of their events for the first time.

check out their site or facebook for more info on upcoming events!

have you been to ba ba reeba yet? it’s an enormous place – loud, fun, patio, great smells…

the event was held in their party room (which is awesome btw) – tables were organized around the center where the chef was going to show us his tips and tricks. i wasn’t expecting a full meal with wine!

guests were given a paella cookbook, a cafe ba-ba-reeba booklet of recipes (!!! can you say perfect?!) along with the menu and pen for taking notes:

so what is paella? you may ask.

well it’s a spanish dish, consisting of rice, vegetables and meats and seafoods. you can pretty much throw anything in there, there are so many varieties of paella.

it’s made in a traditionally round, shallow steel pan with two handles, which needs to be consistently turned throughout cooking to evenly heat throughout.

saffron is key to the dish, also bringing the golden color to the rice.

it’s a savory, hearty meal that feeds plenty – so delicious, and should be enjoyed with friends and lots of sangria!

this was an exciting saturday morning for me – tasting a ton of new dishes and inspiring flavors. they also had a package put together with a paella pan as well as ingredients available to purchase.

this weekend, i’ll make a trip to the farmers market and recreate some of the recipes i learned! bacon-wrapped apricots with goat cheese, anyone?


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  1. Sweet Chi Town

    I adore this place, I need to go back soon!

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