The Tamale Spaceship

the lowdown:

    • ★★★★ when’s the next time i can get this?!
    • $ (~$5-10/person)
    • check site or twitter for location

do not be frightened by the masked man, he is a true delightful friendly little creature.

ask him for his guidance on your tamale space adventure.

he told me (since i like spicy) to go with tamal de puerco. okay.
“Yucatecan-style roasted pork tamale with tomato-habanero sauce and purple pickled onions.”

and obvi, the chips & guac.

it was a phenomenal decision. great portions – the tamales come in twos, and the guac is more than you could buy at any restaurant.

the guacamole was heavenly. one of those eyes-get-real-wide moments when you’re like and go for more.

now i want to visit the spaceship again, and may walk my happy a$$ over to wherever they are parked today.

tamal de puerco

space guacamole

the tamale spaceshipyelp.


(312) 909-7009


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