tips & tricks tuesday

so if you’re trying out some of these recipes (and i know some of you are) – here are some things that help me in the kitchen.

i’ll continue to post some helpful things on tuesdays, and if you have any – send them over!

summer grilling? duh.

  • kebabs? soak wooden skewers for at least 15 minutes beforehand to prevent burning on the grill.
  • also – kebab ingredients will stay juicier longer if they are touching one another (but not crammed!) on the skewers.
  • always lightly coat your vegetables in olive oil before grilling to help prevent sticking and drying out.
  • bring your meats to room temperature before grilling! this minimizes grill time and maximizes juiciness.
  • and a handy infographic from @thekitchn:


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