the lowdown:

    • ★★★★ want to bring friends and eat and drink again soooon!
    • $$$ (~$15-20 a plate)
    • casual, trendy
    • good for groups
    • amazing beer list, cocktails
    • no reservations
    • neighborhood: west loop

i loved this place before i even came – music and food, duh.

could it be rated so well because i was starstruck and got to hug GE (multiple times?!)? likely. but it is indeed, great.

the little touches he did on this restaurant are incredible. the vinyl menus, the amps as the hostess stand…the back patio is incredible – it’s great space-wise as well, not too many crammed in, but close enough to enjoy dining together and ask what someone else got 🙂

the drinks are unique and there is a fantastic beer list. six points and other brews from across the states – and you get a geb koozie! again, bonus points.

it’s small plates, so get one of each section and share. and in true GE style – the textures, tastes, flavors.. everything is just right!

and i’ll let you in on a secret graham told me – beets, peas, cavatelli, sockeye, chicken, cookies.

GO. and wait for the back patio! it’s worth it.

pea + ham + tendril

cavatelli + peperonata + chevre

sockeye + garlic + lardo

chicken + buttermilk + tarragon

cookies + milk!!

gebistro.com | yelp. | google maps

841 W Randolph St
(between Green St & Peoria St)
Chicago, IL 60607

(312) 888-2258


One comment

  1. kendall

    It was such a pleasure waiting on you two, I am glad you enjoyed everything … Come back and see us soon! PS photos are great

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