BIG & little’s

i’m just gonna list this one out on why and what this place does right (in no particular order):

  • po boys
  • poutine
  • fish tacos
  • fried shrimp
  • cash only – and it’s survived. with lines out the door.
  • dive-y, hole in the wall
  • lots of hot sauces on the tables
  • picnic tables
  • fountain dr pepper

the lowdown:

  • who: you + friends. or just you. and cash only.
  • what: a dive that serves amazing fresh fish tacos, burgers, and fries with foie gras…and more.
  • when: whenever you’re in the area or interested in trying some unique food
    • Mon – Fri 11 AM – 9 PM; Sat 12 PM – 9 PM; closed Sundays
  • where: 860 N Orleans St
    • they have a parking lot, but it’s small
  • why: it’s so good. and cheap. and you can eat a million different things.
salmon poke taco

salmon poke taco

foie gras fries

foie gras fries

BIG & little’s


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