ATX: Elizabeth Street Cafe

i have eyes and ears everywhere, and most of them are in texas.

a lot of you guys ask me where to go if you’re trippin’ it to the great state, and i have solid recs…but i have some friends who will help me post the new and upcoming spots!

austin is the greatest city. the. greatest. delicious, cheap, flavorful, local food. good people. great weather. sometimes  i always wonder why i left.

so first up, my good pal jake. see the photo above? he makes those shirts.

I recently had a thoroughly enjoyable meal at Elizabeth Street Café in Austin’s buzzing South First neighborhood. In an area awash with food trailers Elizabeth Street is an incredibly well designed and executed brick & motar Vietnamese restaurant serving up fresh, locally sourced Vietnamese food and French pastries. All the dishes we sampled were excellent and the patio and the inside are both equally aesthetically appealing. Parking can be a bit of a problem when they’re busy but that’s nothing new in Austin. It should also be nothed that if you trek North of 183 and Lamar and go to one of the many good, Vietnamese owned and operated restaurants up there you’ll pay half as much for the majority of these dishes. But that’s fine because it is very apparent at Elizabeth Street the extra cost is paying for ambience, high quality ingredients, the zip code it is in, and alcohol. Don’t be turned off by a Vietnamese restaurant owned by white folks; Elizabeth Street Café turns out a quality product that is worth the extra few dollars.

The menu of punches is a great place to start. The Champagne Punch is spot on (Champagne, Lillet Blanc, passion fruit, berries, and bitters).

    Poached shrimp & avocado spring rolls served with homemade sweet chili vinegar, ginger-jalapeño, and peanut sauce. I could eat these for a year straight.

House specialty bánh mìh with chicken liver mouse, pork pâté, and roasted pork. The home-baked baguette, homemade mayo, and super fresh veggies are the icing on top.

Bún with McAllen Ranch crispy braised short ribs. Those chunks of meat are crisp on the outside, unctuous and melt in your mouth on the inside, and, as a whole, 100% beefy deliciousness.

The end.

words & photos by Jake


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  1. elizabeth street is my go to indulgence…luckily i can walk there. always yummy and the breakfast is great too!

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