Smoque BBQ

if you’re ever in the need for a pick-me-up kind of meal, you should definitely check out smoque up on pulaski. coming from a texan, you should definitely listen.

you go up and order, bring your own beer, and food is ready quickly and brought to the table. try and go at an off-time, because there’s always a line!

smoque bbq

sliced brisket platter with pulled porket, brisket chili, and mac & cheese

the lowdown:

  • who: i strongly suggest no party bigger than 4 – it’s small and crowded. don’t bring a vegetarian.
  • what: bbq – from briskets to ribs, sausage to pulled pork. you can get sandwiches, platters, or mix and match. the only way to do it. also, the sides are pretty small so don’t share – there won’t be enough!
  • when: you’re looking for a reasonably priced, no small plates kind of meal with some candlelit romance. no reservations!
    • Tues-Thurs: 11am-9pm; Fri & Sat: 11am-10pm; Sun: 11am-9pm; closed Mondays.
  • where: 3800 N Pulaski
  • why: because the sausage and brisket are almost like texas. and it’s byob.
smoque bbq

sausage platter with mac & cheese and fresh cut fries

slices brisket

slices brisket

texas sausage

texas sausage

smoque bbq


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